Behaviorprise Services


Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for Frontline Workers and their Supervisors (2-days; $150): This course introduces frontline Workers and their Supervisors to the principles of behavior. A lot of clients (verbal and non verbal) have unique ways of communicating their needs in form of behaviors that may not be acceptable and generally, staff often do not know how to interpret what is being communicated or respond appropriately. Intro to ABA would explore behaviors generally and appropriate responses that would help clients learn appropriate behaviors.

Behaviorprise Performance Management for Business Organizations: Our Performance Management (PM) training is created for Supervisors/Managers to enable them keep their staff happy by making the workplace positive and conducive for work. P.M. focuses on creating a positive work environment, teach skills that would help make work fun, give appropriate feedback, correct properly and reinforce staff the right way using the right reinforcers.The course would teach ‘Pinpointing’ as well as the ‘PICNIC analysis and the ACORN test' as illustrated by Aubrey and James Daniels.

A Practical Approach to Understanding Autism-PDD (9-5pm; $80): This is a course that utilizes case studies in understanding Autism and its many faces. It explores the areas of impairment where Autism hits hardest i.e. communication, social interaction, behavior and sensory issues and suggests practical approaches that are supportive.

Getting the Best out of a Multi-cultural Team (9-3pm; $75): Our city is becoming increasingly multi-cultural and so is our workforce as well as the population we serve. This workshop examines diverse cultures and the major differences that exist. We identify differences and explore different ways of working within a diverse workforce serving a diverse population. We emphasize appreciation, tolerance and respect.

Medication and Treatments – theory and practice (9-4pm; $80): This workshop reviews pharmacological principles, prescription and non-prescription medications, interaction of medications and other implications (behavioral and otherwise) of administering medication to clients.

Legal Issues in DS Sector (9-3pm; $70): This workshop reviews relevant sections of the DSA, CFSA and other legislations that may shape the delivery of our services.

Staff and Parents in Partnership (9-5pm; $75): A lot of parents are becoming more involved in the care of their children and are also becoming more aware of services available. This workshop seeks to harness the knowledge and expertise of parents by teaching staff (through active listening and principled negotiation techniques) to be aware of this fact and try to use parents’ expertise to better support our clients.

Understanding Behavior Functions (9-5pm; $90): A good number of the population we serve have limited communication abilities and as a result quickly learn to communicate wants and needs through behaviors that have served to provide wanted needs in the past. This workshop is designed to help our staff identify the reasons why behaviors occur and also teach appropriate responses to such behaviors through the application of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Data Collection and the Use of Data (9-4pm; $75): Data involves information derived from narrative communication notes, data collection sheets and direct observation. These data represent information used by Clinicians to make treatment decisions. Our staff are taught in this workshop to understand the importance of data and how best to document objective data.

Making Behavior Programs Work (9-4pm; $95): Behavior programs often break down before they achieve the treatment they are meant to achieve. This is so because group home staff often see Behavior Therapists (BTs) as ‘outsiders’ who neither understand the dynamics of their group home, nor the behaviors of their clients. They often say BTs are only at the group home for about 1hour when they show up hence, have no clue. This workshop employs our signature ‘buy- over’ approach to teach our staff to work with various professionals in the workplace. Our behavior programs also have built-in mechanisms that ensure that there is staff ‘buy-over’™ during observation, assessment and implementation of programs.

Temporary Staffing

Our staff who work in group homes employ our signature ‘buy-over’™ approach so that they are seamlessly oriented to the workplace and effectively provide the needed support. They are expected to have a post secondary education in social services as well as our in-house preparatory trainings tailored specifically to our vision. At behaviorprise, we view the scope of our support to be multi-faceted and emphasize the importance of multi-disciplinary contribution to the support of our clients.

Our Resource department is dedicated to the recruitment, training and placement of staffing supports to meet the dynamic needs of individuals living with developmental disorders living in group homes or family homes for respite.

Behavioral Programming Consultation

Behaviorprise Consulting is a behavioral services organization established to improve life’s quality through evidence-based practices. We employ the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to create conducive learning environments for individuals living with Autism and other developmental disorders. We help to manage maladaptive behaviors as well as teach functional skills to ensure life’s successes.