At Behaviorprise Consulting Inc., we create individual or Agencies’ specific trainings. Our current training curriculum includes but is not limited to:

Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for Frontline Workers and their Supervisors/Managers (2-days training, 9am to 5pm each day):
This course introduces frontline workers and their Supervisors/Managers to the principles of applied behavior. A lot of clients (verbal and non verbal) have unique ways of communicating their needs in form of behaviors that may not be socially acceptable. Generally, staff often do not know how to correctly interpret what is being communicated or determining how to respond appropriately. Introduction to ABA would explore behaviors generally and appropriate responses that would help clients learn appropriate behaviors. It also discusses strategies that may be employed to improve socially significant behaviors.

Medication and Pharmacology (4-days, 9am to 5pm each day):
This course is authored solely by Reena (a community service Agency, and is only open to employees of Behaviorprise Consulting Inc. Non Behaviorprise Consulting Inc. staff should visit to enrol. This training explores pharmacological principles, Reena’s specific medication administration policies and treatments to clients.

Safe Management (2-days training, 9am to 5pm each day):
One of the crisis prevention/intervention trainings approved for use by the Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services. The training emphasizes the prevention of crisis through the understanding of risk management, relationship management, behavior profiling and when necessary as a last resort, safe intrusive physical procedures.

First Aid and CPR (2-days training, 9am to 5pm each day):
Based on approved standards of the Canadian Red Cross.

Understanding and Working with Autism and Aspergers (2-days training, 9am to 4pm each day):
An introductory course into an understanding of the Autism and Aspergers diagnosis. Explores areas of impairment and discusses strategies that work in supporting people living with these diagnosis.

Understanding and Working with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) (1-day training, 9am to 4pm each day):
Explores different forms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, presentations and effective treatment strategies.

Understanding Behavior Support Plans For Managers (1-day training, 9am to 5pm each day):
This course is put together for Supervisors/Managers that prepare for Ministry (MCSS) compliance reviews as it relates to behavior programming. It discusses how to prepare throughout the year, implementations, reviews and checklist of things to do to pass (MCSS) compliance.