The Work with Joe (WWJ) Program - Toronto

Our day programs provide opportunities for our clients to have a place to socialize with peers and engage in vocational, recreational and community activities that would help them explore and connect with their communities. Our program also sets out to preserve client dignity and improve their self esteem and general quality of life. The programs/activities that we run with the individuals we serve are driven by the uniqueness and individuality of each client. We emphasize and promote individual strengths so that when the clients engage in activities that they find easy and enjoy, there will be less opportunity for challenging behavior. The program seeks to teach /maintain life skills that may replace challenging behaviour, and to enable everyone taking part in the program, to have fun in all ways possible with dignity and respect to self and others.


WWJ is open to individuals who are living with the effects of a diagnosis of autism or a developmental disability and with a history of challenging behaviors. Admission is based on a formal assessment which builds on strengths as well as identifies areas/skills needing improvement. Groups may be formed for individuals with identical skills and needs. However, individuals requiring specific staffing ratio would have individualized programming that is based on their needs. Our staff work with every applicant to develop a plan that meets their needs for optimal growth, dignity, and success.

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The program runs 5 days a week (Mondays through Fridays) from 9am to 3pm at our Behaviorprise Consulting Inc. offices, 800 Petrolia Road, Unit 16, Toronto ON M3J 3K4. We are currently accepting referrals for this program and our York and Peel region sites.

Our Commitment

Behaviorprise Consulting Inc. is committed to ensuring access to necessary supports, dignity, respect, and access to the community regardless of challenging behaviors that may be occurring. We respect the individuality of every applicant and strive to give everyone an opportunity to be themselves as well as appropriately support them in their areas of need. Our staff are aware that difficult behaviors may arise, and they are trained to recognize and understand each client’s escalation continuum and promptly respond as appropriate.